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No Paperwork?

No Problem. 

Auto Junked Provides a Variety of Services for You

No paperwork? No problem!  We purchase new and used cars, trucks and vans, regardless of condition. We provide towing services for your vehicle is needed, and can come right out to you.

Autojunked has been in the junk car purchasing industry for several years, and we maintain total professionalism and excellent customer service.

Don’t just let your old vehicle sit in your driveway. Old vehicles can be a public eyesore as well as potentially dangerous. Give us a call and turn that old heap into cash… call Auto Junked TODAY!


We estimate the true value of your car & get you cash immediately. We have a team of skilled and expert professionals who will do the valuation of the exact value of your vehicle. After our evaluation & assessment is done, we will provide you with the cash for your junk car.

We are the best in the industry because we pride ourselves on satisfying every customer.

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